About Bodo's

Proud Sponsor of the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter

Bodo’s Yum Yums was started in 2012 to provide our local community with healthy, nutritional and savory treats for their beloved best friends. Our first treat introduced at our local retail store became the most popular treat within a few months.  Soon after, we immersed ourselves at perfecting a broad line of treats with quality being our top priority.

To accomplish this, we sourced from the best and most reputable farms for our meat products and from companies that could bring us the freshest wild caught seafood. We also began to use the best grades and cuts of meat and seafood that are found at the finest quality restaurants.

Over the years, we perfected our current line of treats through detailed research and numerous trials and tests, to bring your companion fresh, natural, holistic, nutritious, light and delicate treats of the highest quality. In the future, we will introduce many more products and new healthy categories of nutrition, which will include natural supplements and exceptional food.

Another important priority of ours is to support animal welfare and wildlife conservation organizations. We want to thank all of you who give your heart and soul in assisting in these efforts!

Proud Sponsor of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pround Sponsor of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

About My Subscription

My Subscription tab is something that we think many of you will like! If you choose to subscribe to one or more of our products, you can subsequently manage your subscription here after you create an account.

You can add and subtract quantities, sizes and products, skip a shipment, change cc and address information, cancel your subscription and more. It's your custom Bodo Box delivered to your front door every month or two! :)

And as a subscriber, you automatically receive all sales promotions and discounts that we are having in addition to your 8% monthly or bi-monthly discount without doing a thing! :) 

About Wholesale

If you are a reseller and are interested in carrying our products at your retail location, you can create an account with your resale # and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with access to our wholesale collection.  At that point, you just need to be logged in to shop and order from our online wholesale collection.

We also have many retail customers that prefer ordering through email or phone.  If this is your preference, please send us a message through our contact page, and we’ll send you our wholesale information.