Bodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum Yums

My dogs (Candy, Biscuit, Axl and Gherkin) have a subscription to Bodo's Yum Yums every month and can't live without 'em!! ūüėÖ

Hayley;  Encino, California;  January 2019


Bodo's Yum Yums

Thank you so much for the prompt service and quick shipping for my recent order. I've been treating my dogs for years with your smelt treats. The treats are as natural as one can get, nutritious, and the dogs love them (understatement!). Thanks, again for great products and service.

Michael, Tikhon, Katya (RIP), & Sitka; Green Valley, Arizona; November 2018


Karen's Riley;  Laguna Beach, California;  October 2018


Bodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum Yums

It‚Äôs treat time!¬† Crystal met Toby yesterday and she is sharing her Bodo‚Äôs Yum Yums Chicken treats.¬† Toby is doing a ‚Äúshake‚ÄĚ and Crystal is doing her ‚ÄúHigh 5‚ÄĚ.¬†

Crystal’s Story
o Crystal was rescued after 2.5 years from dog hoarders and placed in foster care for 6 months
o She broke her leg when she was with the dog hoarders and was never taken to a vet
o She holds her left back leg up and hops on 3 legs
o I adopted Crystal when she was 3 years old ‚Äď she is now almost 8 years old
o Crystal is a trained pet therapy dog and loved very much!

Gail & Crystal; Burlingame, California; September 2018


Bodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum Yums

Hi, I am Trey (I have 3 Legs) this is my sister Lily and our new BFF Crystal. We met her while vactioning in Tempe (near Scottsdale Az) she introduced us to Bodo's Yum Yums.. are we glad she did!  We are New fans of Bodo's!

Leslie, Trey, Lily & Crystal; Sacramento, California; April 2018 


Bodo's Yum Yums Testimonial

This is Easter, she was found in Griffith Park (Los Angeles) hiding under a mailbox. She was found at 7 pounds, what you see here is about 10. We (her happy humans) love her and take care of her and only want to feed her the best of everything that's out there. As we go down the 'treat' aisle at the chain pet stores, we just couldn't bring ourselves to feed any of that to her since most are either a odd color/texture/shape, of odd origin or even some, have an odd smell. We are SOOOO glad we found Bodo's at our local independent pet store and we've never fed her any other treat but Bodo's since buying our first pouch, even better that we can now order Bodo's online (thanks so much for that!), now we never run out, and Easter is always happy (and so are we), thank you Bodo's!

Pauline, Mark & Easter, Los Angeles, California; January 2018


Bodo's Yum Yums Testimonial Bodo's Yum Yums TestimonialBodo's Yum Yums Testimonial

Luca, Lilly and Ollie absolutely love your healthy treats!  They are the best out there!

Tania, Newport Beach, California; January 2018

 Bodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum Yums

Bodo's Yum YumsBodo's Yum Yums

This is my beautiful boy Oliver.  February of 2016 I was hit with the devastating news that my dog had anal gland cancer.  I was told that without chemo I had no hope.  I spent a year researching nutrition and had the surgery.  Did not get clean margins.  Again the top Oncologist said without chemo I was looking at only keeping him comfortable.  I recently discovered Bodo’s Yum Yums and Oliver loves them.  I have the finickiest dog and when he won’t eat he will eat his treats.  I actually put some of his treats on top of his food to get him to eat his food.  Oliver has now gone through about 20 bags of treats.  His digestion is fantastic.  He is thriving.  I take him to the beach and people think he is about 2 years old.  We celebrated his 9th birthday in January.  I have a new vet that says whatever I am doing keep it up because he can not see any signs of this  very aggressive cancer.  Oliver goes into the kitchen and taps on the cabinet where his Bodo’s treats are.  He then dances around the room with them.  Thank you Bodo’s Yum Yums for such a high quality treat.  My miracle boy Oliver loves them.  Food is medicine!!!!

Cheryl, Irvine, California; June 2017 

Bodo's Yum Yums

Bodo's Yum Yums

Your Chicken Breast Treats are Crystal's favourite treat!

Gail, Tempe, Arizona; April 2017


Lakota loves Bodo's Yum Yums

Lakota, my finicky wolf, LOVES your Muscovy Duck Heart Treats!  

Kristen, Laguna Beach, California; October 2016



Kiruna Loves Bodo's Yum Yums and is such a good girl when she knows she is to have one as a reward! They are terrific!

Joanne, Huntington Beach, California; October 2016


My clan just can't get enough of Bodo's Yum Yums! I am so glad they are going to be online soon. I can have them delivered to my door whenever I run out. It's so nice to have a treat I can give all my dogs that are completely healthy with absolutely no fillers. Exactly what is listed on the package is what is in the product, nothing else. You can actually eat them yourself. I've tried them, they're really good. I promise your dogs will love them as much as mine do!

Misa, Las Vegas, Nevada; July 2016


Bodo's Yum Yums are AWESOME!!  Hands down one of the best if not the best dog treats I've found. They offer a wide variety of healthy and natural treats that Lucy loves.  I came across this brand when Lucy was a puppy in training and I wanted to utilize positive reinforcement.  I was extremely disappointed with the dog treats I was finding on the market (mainly due to fillers, sugar and so forth). Lucy took to Bodo's straight away and now it's difficult to even go into the treat cabinet without Lucy hearing (even when she is upstairs).  All in all I am very grateful and highly recommend Bodo's!!!!!

Domenick,  Laguna Beach, California;  April 2016


Our two pups absolutely love Bodo's Yum Yums Treats!  They are so healthy with no fillers and they are made right here in Laguna Beach.  These are definitely drool worthy!

Keith and Melissa,  Laguna Beach, California; March 2016



Tux and Raji have been loyal Bodo's Yum Yum customers for over 3 years.  They're not content until they get their nightly treat.  Nothing else will do!

Tami,  Studio City, California;  February 2016



Rocco can't get enough of Bodo's Yum Yums!  My dog is very picky with his treats, but definitely has found his new favorite treat!

Kyle,  Mission Viejo, California; November 2015


Bane loves his Yum Yums!  He starts jumping up and down every time I reach for the bag.  He'd eat all of them if I let him.  I love that they're all natural...and so good for him!

Tyler,  Hollywood, Florida;  September, 2015



All I have to do is open the bag and Diamond comes running into the kitchen to get her Bodo's Yum Yums...she loves them!  I like them because they're so easy to tear into smaller pieces and made with human grade meats -- all natural!

Katia, Miami Beach, Florida;  August 2015


Whistler and Gracie turn up their noses at just about anything but Bodo's Yum Yums.  I am not sure what it is about your treats that makes them different than others: My dogs know it...but they ain't telling!

John, Whitesboro, Texas;  October 2014


Eli says, I've had a lot of treats in my life, but none of them come close to being as good as Bodo's Yum Yums!

Bonnie,  Palm Springs, California;  March 2014


You have amazing treats!  Passion my dog enjoyed every ounce!  We will be stopping by local pet store to purchase more!

Renee,  Laguna Beach, California;  December 2013



Not only did Lucky love Bodo's Yum Yums, after only 2 weeks of giving her their Wild Alaskan Cod Treats, the wart on her nose disappeared!  She is now a daily Bodo's Omega Dog!  

Debbie, Manhattan Beach, California;  November 2013


Reggie's already licking his lips for Bodo's Yum Yums!  You have the best product around!  Bodo's Yum Yums is the only treat that he actually goes bonkers over! It's quite a sight to see.  

Niki, Ventura, California;  September 2013


Brandy and Bodie love them and they are healthier than the usual stuff in the stores.  

Esther, Los Angeles, California;  July 2013