Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats
Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats

Turkey Breast Treats

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Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats

Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats are a lean protein providing your dog with natural essential amino acids, B vitamins, Selenium, Phosphorous and Zinc for many health benefits, including muscle growth and development, heart and bone health, and metabolic performance.

Carefully made in small batches to ensure freshness and exceptional quality, our unique process creates a pleasantly light, delicious, clean, delicate, nutritious and exquisite treat.  We know how much your best friend's health and happiness means to you, so we use only the finest restaurant quality, human grade, cage free, hand-trimmed, 100% USDA certified, skinless turkey breast for our ultra-premium Turkey Breast Treats!

Easy to break apart and serve in small pieces for the little Friends of Bodo, your furry friend will love this ultra-premium, holistic, gourmet treat! Ever see a dog do a handstand? Back flip? Play the electric guitar? You'll be amazed at what your dog will do for Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats!

Bodo's Yum Yums Laguna Beach, California

Ingredients: 100% USDA Certified, Human Grade, Cage Free, Skinless Turkey Breast. Zero additives

 Sourced from California

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein - 76% min;  Crude Fat - 1% min;  Crude Fiber - 1% max;  Moisture - 19% max.

Bodo's Yum Yums Turkey Breast Treats We are proud to source our turkey breast from Zacky Farms. Zacky turkeys are raised like royalty. Happily roaming free with their friends, raised in California and fed a vegetarian diet. If you would like to learn more about Zacky's All Natural turkeys, please visit Zacky Farms.

Our Jumbo Size is quite large. The size of an average back pack. It's height is 19 inches and width is 12 inches. Our larger, delightfully light treats need this space to fit.

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